Built-to-order to your specifications

  • Mirror with built-in TV.
  • Made to order in almost every size and shape.
  • Optionally available in Tempered Glass, suitable for public areas.
  • Size up to 8’ x 9’ (243 x 579cm).
  • Waterproof LED TV (IPX6), available in 15,6”, 22”, 32”, 50” and 58”.
  • Smart LED TV, available in 40”, 50”, 60”, 75”.

    It's a TV...


  • Rustproof, aluminum and power coated TV housing.
  • Only 1.3”/33mm thick, saves space.
  • Aluminum construction. Strong, rustproof and light weight.
  • Sealed cable compartment. Safe and protects all components from moisture.
  • Low voltage input (12/24 Volt).
  • Completely safe to use in bathrooms.

  • Available in Silver Mirror and Tinted Mirror.
  • Silver Mirror:
    TV vanishes completely when the TV is turned off.
    Recommended in bathrooms, restrooms, salons, etc.
  • Tinted Mirror:
    TV vanishes 90% when the TV is turned off.
    Recommended in living rooms, public areas.

    With a silver mirror, the TV completely vanishes when turned off. The main difference is the reflection. Silver is recommended for use in bathrooms, restrooms, as well as darker locations. The Silver mirrors reflect more light than our Tinted mirrors. In well-lit places and for use in living rooms, offices, and restaurants, Tinted mirrors are often preferred. With the tinted glass the TV vanishes 90% when the TV is turned off. Both Silver and Tinted mirrors provide great picture quality and look amazing with any style décor

    We can also offer a matching mirror without the TV if you want to install more mirrors in the same room as your MirrorVue. This way all mirrors have exactly the same color and reflection. Please order a sample mirror glass from us to ensure the consistency of your mirrors.

    MirrorVue Video Wall

    A Beautiful Wall with MirrorVue Video Wall.

  • Almost unlimited designs possibilities
  • Our unique mirror glass for Mirror video wall makes MirrorVue different:
    • Hide the TV’s
    • The small gaps spear smaller because the mirror reflect the environment
    • Ceiling high: Go up to 330 x 244 cm. Can be heat strengthened for public areas
    • The TV is not visible when turned off: many great visual effect possibilities
    • Easy to maintain (no accumulation of dust and dirt. The front is a flat, durable and easy to clean mirror)
  • Easy to control with one infrared remote control:
    • One media showing large on all TV’s
    • One media showing on each TV
    • Different media showing at the same time
  • Unlimited TV placement
  • Choose from wall mount, free standing, ceiling mount.
  • Comprehensive installations instructions
  • From Evervue: World Wide Expert in Mirror TV solutions since 2001.
  • Great for: Restaurants - Stores - Lounge Rooms - Medical Offices - Offices - Car Dealers - KTV - Showrooms - News Rooms - Trade Shows

    Click here to see / fold more about the Mirrorvue Video Wall

    Mirrorvue Video Wall is easy to set up. All basic functions can be controlled simply with a IR remote control. The IR receiver is hidden behind the mirror. For advanced settings there is RS-232 connectivity.

    Choose from different mounting options:Free Standing – Wall Mount - Ceiling Mount - Mobile

    Create your own mirror wall: MirrorVue Video Wall offers almost unlimited possibilities.

    Now We offer the following TV size for MirrorVue mirror wall.
    Diagonal TV size Overall TV housing dimensions Horizontal Gap Vertical Gap Remarks
    42” 36.8 x 21.2 inch/936 x 538 mm 12mm 16mm Economy model TV.
    46” 40.5 x 23.0 inch/1029 x 585 mm 10mm 10mm Popular TV size.
    46” Extra thin 40.3 x 22.8 inch/1024 x 578 mm 5.5mm 5.5mm Extra small bezel TV.
    LG 47” 41.1 x 23.2 inch/1044 x 590 mm 4.9mm 4.9mm Thinnest Bezel TV available
    55" 47.8 x 27.0 inch/1215 x 686 mm 5.3mm 5.3mm Largest TV with very small bezel.


    Please click here to download the MirrorVue 10steps to your perfect mirror TV

    Please click here to download the MirrorVue 10steps to your perfect mirror TV


    Easy on/off push button

    You can turn on and off your MirrorVue TV with the remote control or with the button on the side of the MirrorVue. The button is waterproof and has a built-in light so that it is easy to find in darkness.


    Premium Speakers (Optional)

    Enhance your MirrorVue experience and enjoy concert hall audio quality with our MirrorVue Splash Premium Speakers. The speakers can be recessed mounted and come standard with a stylish white grille front and a 20’/ 6m premium audio cable.

    MirrorVue Built-in Speakers

    MirrorVue makes installation fast and easy! Now MirrorVue comes standard with built-in water-resistant speakers with a stainless steel front. There is no need to spend additional time preparing cut-outs in your ceiling to install speakers and wires.


    Power Supply Extension Cable

    Extend the location of the power supply by using the 5’/150cm Power Supply Extension Cable. Use this power supply extension cable to keep the power supply safe from being exposed to water and/or moisture. You can connect up to 3 extension cables to extend the distance between the power supply and the TV unit.


    MirrorVue Remote Control

    MirrorVue comes with a waterproof remote control. Use this remote to control the menu setting on your mirror TV. Also provided is a black remote if coding and programing is needed.

    MirrorVue Wall Mount

    Complete wall mounting system. Choose between Standard Wall Mount, Magnet Wall Mount and Recessed Wall Mount.

    Ideal Spaces
  • Restaurants, Sports Bars, Pubs
  • Personal Bathroom & Powder Room
  • Salons & Spas
  • Hotel Suites, Lobby, Lounge & Reception
  • Living Room, Family Room & Study

  • Television Sizes
  • 15.6”, 22”, 32”, 50” and 58” Waterproof LED HDTV, HDMI, RF, USB, speaker, power
  • 40”, 50”, 60” and 75” SMART LED HDTV 4 HDMI, 2 USB, RCA, component video, RF, SD card reader, power

  • Power
  • Waterproof MirrorVue TV (15.6”, 22”, 32”, 50” and 58” LED HDTV) Input:12-24 volt
  • 40”, 50”, 60” and 75” SMART LED HDTV Input: 100-240 volt, 50/60 Hz

  • Please click here to download the MirrorVue Specifications

  • MirrorVue offers the largest mirror TV's on the market! Up to 8' x 19'/ 243cm x 579cm
  • MirrorVue has a completely vanishing TV. Sizes from 15.6” up to 75”.
  • MirrorVue is fully waterproof and power by 12-24 volt, safe for bathroom applications.
  • MirrorVue has a sleek 1.3”/3cm profile design.
  • MirrorVue can be installed from floor to ceiling.
  • MirrorVue is fully customized to your individual needs.
  • MirrorVue offers silver mirror glass as well as tinted mirror glass.
  • MirrorVue offers accessories such as Android TV, LED Lighting, Defoggers, and Media Boxes.
  • MirrorVue offers a large selection of beautiful frames to match any décor.
  • MirrorVue supports all international TV systems.
  • MirrorVue tailors mounting to the designer’s application for the space.
  • Made by Evervue, world's leading brand name in waterproof HD TV’s!

    Please cleck here to download the Mirrorvue Specification & Line drawing


    Each MirrorVue comes with Standard Wall Mount rails on the back of the mirror that allows you to lock tightly with the mounting strip that you attach to your wall. Depending on the size of your MirrorVue, there will be 2 or 4 mounting strips to secure your mirror.

    Please click here to download the standard wall mount instruction

    If there is no room above the mirror to lift the mirror 1” (2,5 cm) that is needed for the standard wall mount, the magnet mount is good solution and allows you to install the mirror under a cabinet without a space between the mirror and cabinet.

    Please click here to download the magnet wall mount instruction

    The Recessed Wall Mount is the preferred method when you would like to have the TV Unit portion of the MirrorVue recessed into the wall or another flat surface. With this installation, a very strong large area of Velcro is attached to the back of the MirrorVue allowing the mirror glass to lay on the wall surface. The TV Unit attached to the back of the MirrorVue will then slide into the nook prepared by the installer during installation.

    Please click here to download the recessed wall mount instruction



    What kind of light is your bathroom mirror giving you? Don’t sacrifice the convenience of having MirrorVue’s hidden HD television during those hectic mornings. MirrorVue now offers a seamless built-in light, making even the most demanding of routines a captivating retreat.
    Click here to see / fold more about the MIRRORNUE WITH INTEGRATED LED LIGHT



    MirrorVue looks equally gorgeous frameless as it does framed. We offer more than 80 styles of designer frames that we can use to frame your Mirror TV.

    MirrorVue is also available with Vauci Frames.
    Please click here for more information.




    Add visual impact to your MirrorVue with our LED Back Lighting. Using the remote control, you can adjust the LED lighting of your mirror to any color and brightness. Set it to any color you like or let it change colors continuously. Additionally, download Mirrorvue’s exclusive App, and conveniently control the LED Back Lighting using your smart phone or tablet. You can now control your LED Back Lighting from across the room with your smart device without anyone knowing. For ideal installation, your mirror should be positioned 1-2”/2,5-5cm from the wall to acquire the best lighting effect. We offer optional wall mounting to hang a mirror against the wall with our recommended distance.



    MirrorVue Cut-Out and beveled edge. Now you can cut out specific shapes and sizes to your mirror in order to mount your MirrorVue in an area where you previously would not be able to due to constrained wall space or existing wall fixtures. Whether you have beautiful wall sconces that you do not wish to remove, or a sink faucet you wish to incorporate as part of your MirrorVue design, with our new Cut-Out option your customized possibilities are endless! Mirrorvue can also be made with a beveled edge (max. 1”/2,5cm)



    MirrorVue is now compatible with EZCast.

    With EZ Cast you can simply stream all content form your iPhone or Android and Windows phone to your Evervue Bathroom TV or your Mirrorvue. Simple connect EZCast to your HDMI input and you can share photos, watch movies, listen to music or play games on your phone and see on your TV. Everything you do on your smartphone, you can now mirror to your bathroom TV or Mirror TV. YouTube, Netflix, news apps and much, much more.

    Supported systems: IPhone IOS, Android, MAC IOS, Windows 8 and higher.



    Android TV can be connected to your MirrorVue with a LAN cable or wirelessly through your Wi-Fi network. Your Android box can be installed behind the TV or in another room and controlled remotely from the IR receiver built inside the TV. You can access all functions and capabilities through our waterproof Wave remote control or optional commercial-grade stainless steel keyboard.



    Experience the sleek capability of the Octo-500, a compact wireless handheld device which replaces the need to carry around a bulky keyboard, mouse, game console or remote control. You can even use the Octo-500 as a Skype Phone, simply plug in your headset and use the built in microphone.
    It’s slender and lightweight design comes complete with rechargeable lithium batteries. Equipped with RF capability, just attach the tiny receiver directly to your TV through its USB port and enjoy a wireless walking range of up to 15 feet (5 meters). With the Octo-500 you can stroll through the electronic world with complete functionality and freedom. Get yours today!


    The Media Outlet MB-30 provides you with access to the HDMI, USB, Network, VGA, AV/Component of your MirrorVue. The Media Outlet MB-30 can be recessed installed in the closet or wall.



    No matter how steamy your bathroom is, our optional defoggers will keep your mirror crystal clear by warming the back of the mirror glass. Choose the size and shape that best suits your mirror. We offer 3 different shapes/sizes to make your MirrorVue truly unique. You can install up to 4 defoggers on your MirrorVue and safely power them by 12 volt which can be controlled separately or together with your light switch.



    Stay connected with the RS-232 Serial Port! This component makes installation easy for Smart Home Automation. RS-232 is a hardwired, locking connection system that allows high-end AV components to communicate with each other rapidly and efficiently. RS-232 is the AV industry standard for high-tech coordination using peripheral interface roles.


    Your Salon - Our Technology - The Perfect Match

    MirrorVue360’s proven technology unveils a beautiful silver mirror with two built-in high definition TV’s under the mirror glass surface, allowing your guests to have another point of view right from the salon chair! At the heart of MirrorVue360 is our SalonCamPRO, conveniently placed in a nearby location. The rear viewing of your guests’ head is displayed on the HD monitor in front of them while the other can be used to show the latest broadcasting entertainment.

    Click here to see / fold more about the Saloncam Pro

      Professional Quality.

      The SalonCamPRO is equipped with a strong leather strap. Its ingenious stainless steel housing gives an industrial look and is built with durability.

      Integrated Light (Recommended).

      Finish MirrorVue360 with seamless ribbons of integrated light and your station will easily become the centerpiece of the salon.

      Easy Installation.

      Install MirrorVue360 in minutes! Mounting will hang as easy as a picture frame.

      High Definition.

      HD picture quality.

      Easy Connection.

      Connect the SalonCamPRO effortlessly to your mirror TV through a CAT5 cable, 30FT/10meters included.

    Please click here to download the MirrorVue Installation

    Give your bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens more sparkle. What room in your home couldn't benefit from a beautifully handcrafted mirror that hides an amazing, high-tech, high definition LED TV? Now you can watch TV anywhere in your home without the intrusion of a bulky, distracting TV. Upgrade your regular TV to a MirrorVue today and add an extra dimension to your bathroom, living room or commercial space. With MirrorVue, you can hang on any wall a mirror TV that can be customized to fit nearly any shape or size. Best of all, you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows, movies or videos in any room without having to turn it into your standard media room.

    Elevate your style in common areas, guest rooms, spa & fitness centers and meeting spaces. As a hotel, spa or resort, you only get one shot at making a big first impression. Nothing says luxury and decadence like a stylish mirror that conceals an amazing high-definition television. By combining the old world elegance of a classic mirror with the modern conveniences of digital entertainment, your guests can choose the ambiance they want to experience, making their stay much more memorable.

    Add a touch of sophistication to your retail store, restaurant, nightclub, salon, or day spa. At first blush, introducing a mirror TV to your place of business might not be your initial thought on how to make your surroundings more inviting. But then again, you probably haven't experienced the MirrorVue. Unlike flat screen televisions, our mirror TVs look as beautiful turned off as they do when they're on. You can tailor them to match any decor by customizing them with Silver or Tinted mirror glass, having them framed or frameless, and choosing their shape and size. What's equally impressive is they're maintenance free and as easy to install as a picture frame.




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