What is MirrorVue?
  • Now available in 4K Ultra HD. With the pixels resolution quadrupled from Full HD, Mirrorvue offers a viewing experience like never before.
  • The 4K Ultra HD system come with HMDI CEC, ARC and EDID Switch 2.0
  • MirrorVue has a completely vanishing TV with sizes from 15.6” up to 85”.
  • MirrorVue offers the largest mirror TV's on the market! Up to 8' x 19'/ 243cm x 579cm
  • MirrorVue is fully waterproof and power by 12-24 volt, safe for bathroom applications.
  • MirrorVue has a sleek 1.5”/38mm profile design.
  • MirrorVue can be installed from floor to ceiling.
  • MirrorVue is fully customized to your individual needs.
There's a MirrorVue
for you
  • MirrorVue offers silver mirror glass as well as tinted mirror glass.
  • MirrorVue offers accessories such as Android TV, LED Lighting, Defoggers, and Media Boxes.
  • MirrorVue offers a large selection of beautiful frames to match any décor.
  • MirrorVue supports all international TV systems.
  • MirrorVue tailors mounting to the designer’s application for the space.
  • Made by Evervue, world's leading brand name in waterproof HD TV’s!
MirrorVue is available in
  • Silver Mirror
  • Tv vanishes completely when the TV is turned off.

    Recommended in bathrooms, restrooms, salons, as
    well as darker locations.
  • Tinted Mirror
  • TV vanishes 90% when the TV is turned off.

    Brighter TV image than silver mirror.

    Recommended for use in living rooms, offices,
    restaurants, and well-lit places.
    MirrorVue fits all your needs

    Installed in thousands and thousands homes, hotels and business around the world.

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    Give your bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens more sparkle.
    What room in your home couldn't benefit from a beautifully handcrafted mirror that hides an amazing, high-tech, high definition LED TV? Now you can watch TV anywhere in your home without the intrusion of a bulky, distracting TV.

    Upgrade your regular TV to a MirrorVue today and add an extra dimension to your bathroom, living room or commercial space.
    With MirrorVue, you can hang on any wall a mirror TV that can be customized to fit nearly any shape or size. Best of all, you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows, movies or videos in any room without having to turn it into your standard media room.


    Elevate your style in common areas, guest rooms, spa & fitness centers and meeting spaces. As a hotel, spa or resort, you only get one shot at making a big first impression.

    Nothing says luxury and decadence like a stylish mirror that conceals an amazing high-definition television.
    By combining the old world elegance of a classic mirror with the modern conveniences of digital entertainment, your guests can choose the ambiance they want to experience, making their stay much more memorable.


    Add a touch of sophistication to your retail store, restaurant, nightclub, salon, or day spa.

    At first blush, introducing a mirror TV to your place of business might not be your initial thought on how to make your surroundings more inviting. But then again, you probably haven't experienced the MirrorVue.

    Unlike flat screen televisions, our mirror TVs look as beautiful turned off as they do when they're on. You can tailor them to match any decor by customizing them with Silver or Tinted mirror glass, having them framed or frameless, and choosing their shape and size.
    What's equally impressive is they're maintenance free and as easy to install as a picture frame.

    5 Steps To Your Perfect Mirror TV
    Choose your mirror shape & size
    Custom shape

    We can make any shape you want.
    You envision it, MirrorVue will create it.

    It can cover an entire wall.
    Now you can order up to 96"x 236" (243,8 x 599,4 cm).

    Choose your TV size and location

    TV sizes as small as 15.6” / 39,6 cm to

    an impressive 75” / 190,5 cm.

    4K available on selected models.

    Think outside the box.
    Where would you like to view your TV?
    Add multiple TV’s? You decide.

    Choose silver or tinted glass

    Match the color of the mirror to your space.
    MirrorVue is available in silver & tinted version.

    Add accessories

    MirrorVue offers many accessories, like
    · Defogger technology
    · LED back lighting
    · MB-30 Media outlet
    · EZ-Cast
    · Cut-out & Beveled edge
    · Android TV & accessories
    · OCTO-500
    · Evervue Splash & Premium speakers
    · AQUA remote control
    · Motion detection
    · RS-232 Serial port
    · IR Repeater · Power supply & extension cable

    Choose your mounting

    With many mounting ways we offer, you can put Mirrorvue anywhere you like.




    Each MirrorVue comes complete with everything you need:
    Customized MirrorVue
    MirrorVue wall mount (Optional recessed or magnet mount) Power extension cable Power supply (Input 100-240V) Remote control Pre-installed integrated in the MirrorVue are:
    On/Off Button
    Mirrorvue Integrated Speakers
    Set-top box ready

    Mirrorvue TVs are prepared for the last multimedia technologies, allowing you to have access to all your contents in an easy way. Just connect your favourite setup box to the screen and enjoy all your favorite.

    You can connect your Apple TV, Dish TV and Android TV and then use the IR receiver to control the box so you can store it out of sight. Get all the convenience of modern day electronics without any of the unattractive sights and traces that usually come with it.

    Set-top box installation instructions
    We also offer
    Advertising mirror

    · Stunning product visibility in HD (4K Ultra HD resolution on selected models).

    · Easy to show content through HDMI or USB input. Just plug in a memory stick and it is ready to go. Supports all common formats.

    · Allow your brand only to be defined by its design, captivating the attention it deserves with this cutting-edge marketing tool.

    · Make it ceiling high! Fully customizable up to 130˝x 95˝/330 x 244cm.

    · Completely new design and mirror TV technology. Ingenious engineering only from MirrorVue.

    · Only 1.4˝/ 35mm deep, including the TV unit. This slim fitting arrangement makes this possibly the best investment per square foot of any establishment.

    · Advanced automation allows the outline of the TV box to completely disappear. Enjoy visual surprise by watching your image floating in the mirror. Guaranteed to create the ultimate "Wow!" response.

    All you want to know,
    in a PDF

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