CabiTV CT-100

Impressive 22” Under Cabinet TV

Suitable for cabinet depth of 12”/30cm
Brushed stainless steel TV housing
Full HD picture quality, Safe 12 volt
Complete with stainless steel bracket.
Installs in minutes.

Price: $1,299.00

An impressive Kitchen TV from every Angle.

The CT100 is a 22”, full HD under cabinet TV.

Because of it special design and slim bezel, it

Made of beautiful brushed stainless steel, the CT100 is a timeless design that will fit in every

The CT100 is a special designed bracket that, when the TV folds away, only leaves a 1.3” opening

The Worry Free Remote Control

CabiTV comes with a worry-free remote controller and 2 holders that can be attached to
Can control up to 4 different devices.
And it’s waterproof so if the kids make a little mess in the kitchen, the remote control

Compare the CabiTV CT-100
CabiTV-100 Other Under Cabinet TVs The CabiTV CT-100 Advantage
Visible Screen size 22″ Usually 12” to 17” Double the screen size
Material Brushed Stainless Steel Plastic Matches beautifully with your kitchen
When folded away space between TV and cabinet 1.3”(30MM) stainless steel 2” – 3” (50-75mm) black plastic The CT-100 is much closer to the cabinet when folded away
Integrated Set-Top box compartment Yes No Use your Apple TV, Android TV in an easy way
Operating Voltage 12 volt 100-240 volt Keep it safe on low voltage
Full HD (1080P) Yes No (usually 720P) Full HD picture resolution
Secure Lock Magnet (optional for use in RV’s and yachts) Yes No Secure the TV in most extreme circumstances. (not required for home kitchen use)