A TV Like No Other

Evervue’s Cinema Smart TV brings the Big

Screen to your Living Room. Delight in a colossal film experience with TV sizes as large as 110”.

Cinema Smart TV comes with a super 4K Ultra HD resolution so every detail of its vibrant display is maximized. Cinema Smart TV comes standard, with a beautiful stainless steel floor mount for easy set up.

Cinema Smart is compatible with content providers such as Apple TV or DirecTV so programs can be streamed with ease. PlayStation and Xbox consoles can be installed in the back of the unit so wires vanish from sight.

With Cinema Smart TV, Invite Your Friends and Enjoy Life Size Entertainment!

Key Features:

– TV sizes include 60″, 75”, 85”, 100” and 110”
– 4K, Ultra High Definition resolution
– Standard with stainless steel floor mount
– Choose from different frame finishes
– Compatible with Apple TV, DirecTV, Infinity and much more
– Game Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) can be installed on the back of the TV
– Cable Free Design with power outlets on the back of the TV

Designed Like No Other

Incredible Impressions

Exceptional in Size and Resolution, Evervue Cinema smart TV offers incredible impressions to all of its viewers. The Cinema Smart TV is classified as a commercial grade television, yet it is also perfect for residential use. Unsurpassed in Quality, Cinema Smart TV is a smart addition to both residential and professional applications everywhere.

Cinema Anywhere

Showcase Cinema Smart TV from any corner of your world where entertainment is a must have. Display comfortably in your living room or bedroom. In hotels, upgrade to the best so guests can be awed when they walk into the presidential suite. In law offices, keep clients happy waiting in the lobby. These are all great examples where Cinema Smart TV can add long lasting value to any location.

Easy set up

Take time to enjoy the best in life, don’t waste it on complicated installations. We designed Cinema Smart TV with an easy start in mind. Simply plug in the power supply, connect to Wi-Fi, and get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy your new Magnificent TV.

Elegant and Stable

Why not remove that bulky TV stand or cabinet from your room? Evervue’s Cinema Smart TV comes standard with an elegantly designed floor stand of beautiful, strong and stable stainless steel. Choose between a brushed or polished finish for a flawless look. Since all of our products are handcrafted to order you can custom change the height of the TV pole between 2″ and 30″. Now the perfect viewing angle is always possible.

Cinema Smart TV with Wall Mount

Cinema Smart TV is also available with a sturdy

Wall Mount for those who prefer to feature the TV as a stand-alone wall display.

This mount is designed with a powerful stainless-steel construction for extreme durability. With its specially designed framing, this wall mount has many locations on the back available to attach to any surface.

With Cinema Smart Wall Mount, versatility and strength makes this a trusted option for every space.

Features and Options Like No Other

Choose Your Match

Personalize your Cinema Smart TV with a signature selection of Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black Steel, or authentic American Black Walnut wood. These polished looks inspire elegance at every glance.

Choose Your Match

Personalize your Cinema Smart TV with a signature selection of Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel, Matte Black Steel, or authentic

Integrated Game Console and Cable Box Compartment

Don’t get distracted by cumbersome wires. Safely tuck away your game console or cable box in a built in niche behind the TV. With Cinema Smart, you can install your favorite game console, such as PlayStation or Xbox. Want to add you’re Infinity or DirecTV box? No problem. Stay simple and well organized with our integrated compartment

Add Your Sound

With years of experience handcrafting electronics; we wanted to make sure the beautiful design was not compromised with internal speakers that would not be used. We know our clients expect the best and would prefer the most elite audio by installing a high quality sound bar, for example a Bose, Sony or Yamaha sound bar. With Cinema Smart TV, the two detachable arms will hold any sound bar allowing you to integrate the best sound without sacrificing appearance.

You want Apple TV?

Okay, simply install your Apple TV box on the back of the Cinema Smart TV. With the pre-installed IR transmitter, you can then aim the remote towards the front of the TV and still control your Apple TV hidden from view.

Cable Free Design

No messy cables, wires and connectors around the TV anymore. All you need is one power connection and all your devices (game console, set top box, sound bar) will work as needed. Simply plug in one of the 6 AC power outlets on the pole and choose your device.

External Devices?

The vertical pole is equipped with an HDMI cable and an Optical Audio cable. Now you can easily connect an extra DVD player, or your audio system without cables and wires hanging around the TV.

Remote Control Friendly

The Infrared Receiver is concealed in the vertical pole and can also be used for the remote controls of your other devices, for example Apple TV and your cable set top box.

Cinema Smart TV Specifications

Cinema Smart TV Model Cinema 60 Cinema 75 Cinema 85 Cinema 100 Cinema 110
Diagonal Screen Size 58″ 75″ 84″ 98″ 110”
Screen Resolution 2160×3840          (4K Ultra High Definition)
TV Brightness 550-600 nit.
Material TV Housing Stainless steel, powder coated steel, aluminum.
Power 100-240 Volt volt AC, CE Approved
Audio No audio installed. Needs to be connected to an external sound system
Inputs 2 x HMDI   (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, power, USB
Overall dimensions inches 51.5 x 30.0 x 2.4″ 66.1 x 35.8 x 2.4″ 75.6 x 43.7 x 2.6″ 87.0 x 49.6 x 35.4″ 100.0 x 58.3 x 4.6″
Overall dimensions mm 1310 x 765 x 60mm 1689 x 912 x 60mm 1920 x 1110 x 65mm 2210 x 1260 x 90mm 2540 x 1480 x 115mm
Dimensions Base Plate 30″ x 25″ / 76.2 x 63.5 cm 35″ x 27.5″ / 88.9 x 69.8 cm 40″ x 30″ / 101.6 x 76.2 cm 45″ x 32.5″ / 114.3 x 82.55 cm 50″ x 35″ / 127.0 x 88.9cm
Pole Diameter 4.0″ / 101 mm 4.5″ / 114 mm 5.0″ / 127mm 5.5″ / 140mm 6.0″ / 152mm
Standard included 1 x Cinema Smart TV Unit complete, Floor stand, 20′ power cable, Smart TV (Android) application pre-installed, remote control