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Experience Cosmos, anywhere, anytime.

Cosmos brings Entertainment to your backyard.

Whether hot or cold, rain or shine; Cosmos will bring you the best viewing experience no matter the weather.

Sunlight Ready: All Cosmos TV come equipped with a 4K Brightness Enhanced Panel of 700 nit. When matched with our special non-glare glass, the picture quality is guaranteed to be phenomenal from Sunrise to Sunset.

The Cosmos is always one step ahead of the elements with its Duo Fan Cooling System (our 75” and 85″ models feature a triple fan system) and Automated Heating Structure. This allows you to enjoy your Outdoor TV even in temperatures of -40 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit.

More Details

Cosmos is protected by various patents (pending) and used under license.
Ingenious design capped with years of experience
With an Ocea, you don’t just buy a bathroom TV, you buy a sophisticated product, designed and engineered

(The Ocea product is protected by various patents (pending), used under license)

There Can Only Be One Cosmos

Images Come to Life with 4K Ultra HD Picture Quality

The Cosmos is top in its class when it comes to exceptional picture quality. The state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD offers 4 times the resolution compared to full HD. This allows you to sit closer to the screen and be immersed in the vivid details and amazing color resolution of the image you are viewing.

More Details

Unique Weather Cap Protects Cosmos from All Weathers

Cosmos stands apart from the competition with its exclusive weather cap. Our weather cap has a protective feature which makes it difficult for animals, large or small, to rest on the TV frame. This detail not only keeps your outdoor unit in pristine condition against pests but also serves as protection for extreme weather such as snow, rain or direct sunlight. The Cosmos weather cap allows you to maintain a phenomenal viewing experience all year long.


With the Cosmos, your safety comes first. Unlike other TVs, Cosmos is safely powered at 24 volts so it can be installed near any pool or hut tub with confidence. We also provide 20 feet of premium quality outdoor power cable that is waterproof, heat resistant with a built insulator. These outdoor power cables can withstand heavy industrial and underground applications and are the most effective way of securing cable and pipe.

Anti-Glare Screen

The Cosmos Anti-Glare Screen allows you to watch your favorite programs in broad daylight. Scratch proof and almost indestructible, this special non-glare glass completely diffuses even the most extreme brightness. The normal challenges associated with outdoor viewing just became a breeze with the Cosmos Outdoor TV.

Proven Anti-Theft Outdoor TV

Compatible with Kensington type locks, Cosmos is designed to discourage quick grab-and-run in an unattended outdoor location. This anti-theft solution feature protects your valuable big screen not only from theft but from bad elements when you are not around

Spectacular Audio Experience

Special Audio streamers are carefully placed on your Cosmos

to provide the maximum sound quality without directing the noise towards your neighbors. Now you can relax while watching your shows outdoors, confident that you’re not disturbing those around you.

Long Lasting High Grade Stainless Steel

Cosmos is made of high grade stainless S304 which is virtually indestructible. Designed for long lasting radiance, the Cosmos brushed stainless is rust-proof and stain resistant. This superior alloy does not change color or shape and is designed to be used outdoors 365 days a year.

More Details

Durable Mounting under the Stars

Exceptionally designed for ultimate stability, Cosmos will stand strong on your deck or veranda. The Cosmos TV offers a wide array of mounting alternatives for every outdoor location. Equipped with waterproof HDMI, power and PDLC (optional audio) connections. You can safely store all cables inside our stainless steel, rust proof mounting pole for extra weather protection.

Integrated Set Top Box Compartment Right at the Back of your TV

With Integrated Set Top Box Compartment located at the back of your TV, you can easily connect your Apple TV, Fire TV, Android box inside the Cosmos without having to need extra wires! You can also simply connect to your Wi-Fi network or stream your smartphone to the TV. With a set top box installed, you only need to plug in the power and you’re ready to enjoy your Cosmos unforgettable experience. Now, that’s super easy! (note: Products like Apple TV box needs separate 100-240V power source. The set-top box compartment is prepared for this and you can add 100-240V in the cable compartment.

Resin Film Protects Electrical Component Board

The ordinary course of sea salt air, acid rain and other natural

elements can be hazardous to electronics. The resin film protects the electrical component board with the processors preventing dirt and moisture that usually damage the electronic components. The same well-known technique is used in military and aviation applications.

More Details

Stainless Steer Air Filters Allow More Air to Pass, Wards Off Bugs and Dirt Out

At the bottom of Cosmos, you will find two easy-to-clean stainless steel filter units which are the inlets for the cooling air flow system. These inlets allow more air to pass, warding off bugs and dirt out.

IR Transmission You have the power to control everything at your fingertips

Cosmos is especially designed to extend range of your remote control receiver for over 40% wider reception angle than your traditional TVs, overcoming physical obstacles such as distance.

Cosmos can also be mounted flat against the wall, without a bracket.
Cosmos has 2 convenient openings on the back so that you can mount the Cosmos flat against the wall, without a bracket, without any space between the Cosmos and the wall.

Cosmos is Smart, very Smart…….

Now with the latest Android version!

Cosmos is not only smart but very smart and uber cool. Installed with it is the latest Android TV which allows you to easily connect the Cosmos to your WI-FI network to see all your favorite programs or stream the content of your smart phone or tablet. How cool is that?

Every Cosmos will have android installed. Yes, your Cosmos is also an Android TV where you can enjoy watching widescreen blockbuster movies and live sports. You can also stream apps and enjoy multiplayer games with friends. You can do whatever you want and the coolest part is you can enjoy it outdoor, perhaps, while sipping your brew or enjoying popcorn and some beer with friends

Find Your Perfect Size

Now also available in 85″

Ready to watch your favorite shows under the stars? Choose from our wide selection of the TV sizes ranging from 32” to 85”. We have the right size to match your individual space.

The 32” is ideal for balconies and smaller gardens, while the 58”, 75” and 85″ shine bright in larger backyards or in commercial settings.
For each size, we offer the right mounting to guarantee stability.

Your choice of Brushed Stainless Steel or a Matte Black Finish

Select your Cosmos with a Beautiful Brushed Stainless Steel

or an Alluring Black Matte Finish. Both offer a combination of corrosion resistance and durability making either a perfect choice for your background.

Secure your Outdoor TV with Stainless Steel Floor Mount

Easily mount the Cosmos on the deck,

concrete floor or where ever you want to install it permanently. Cosmos provides different ways on how to hide and protect the cable inside the pole.

You can guide the cables through the bottom of the pole,

use the optional waterproof HDMI and power connectors or through the outlet that each pole has on the bottom. The H shaped bracket on the back of the Cosmos 5 is likewise included

Right Mounting is Key.

One size does not fit all. The right mounting is important to enjoy the best outdoor TV experience. Each Cosmos size has its own diameter pole ensuring stability for every TV size.

Distinct Mount Designs Made of Real Stone or Stainless Steel

Cosmos offers an assortment of self-standing poles,

all made of high quality stainless steel designed to be rust-proof, stain and color resistant. Choose between uniquely crafted real stone and wood designs. The integration of Cosmos sleek and stable pole construction will highlight your amazing outdoor experience for years to come.

More Details

The durability of the pole and mount is exclusively designed for Cosmos.

With the weight of each base carefully selected depending on the TV size preferred.

Based on the weight of the TV,

the base measures between 20”x20” and 30”x30” and is three inches in height. Complete with a waterproof connector set for power, HDMI and optical audio. Now you can easily connect an HDMI device, for example a game console, without needing to open the TV cable compartment.

Guy Lines Clamp are highly recommended for unpredictable weather to ensure extra stability and support. This clamp can easily be attached to the mounting pole to create an immovable force against a late afternoon storm or other weather occurrence. Be sure to use this important accessory in high wind or public areas.

Commercial Grade Mount with Wheels

Cosmos comes full circle with our indestructible Stainless-Steel Mount on wheels.

This base option provides strong yet responsive support.
Designed with flexibility and commercial use in mind, this mount will withstand rough terrain and windy areas with ease. This is your go to mount for larger pool areas, restaurants, patios and outdoor fire places.

Now there is no need to limit your outdoor tv experience to just one area. Get the most out of your viewing needs with this beautiful large wheel stand. Available for all Cosmos TV sizes up to 85″.

Stainless Steel Wall Side Mount

• With solid constructed wall mounts, you can easily mount Cosmos against the wall

• The 2″ stainless steel tubes will keep your TV in place, even with strong winds and heavy rains.

• The distance between the wall and the side of the TV is 8″ and can be customized on request.

• Included is the H shaped bracket on the back of the Cosmos.

• Cables enter the tubes with different exit options available for easy hiding of the wires.

• Optional: Waterproof HDMI and Power connector set.

Aluminum Swivel Wall Mount

Want to enjoy Cosmos from every angle?

With the high quality Cosmos Wall Swivel bracket you can. Designed for use with the Cosmos 32, 40 and 50

Space-saving Stainless Steel Ceiling Mount

• With solid constructed wall mounts, you can easily mount Cosmos against the wall.

• The 2″ stainless steel tubes will keep your TV in place, even with strong winds and heavy rains.

• • The distance between the wall and the side of the TV is 8″ and can be customized on request.

• Cables enter the tubes with different exit options available for easy hiding of the wires.

Stylish and Elegant Stainless Steel Desk Bracket

Except for the 75” and 85″ modelS, we offer stylish,

sophisticated and elegant stainless steel desk bracket stands. This is a very stable set up with the HMDI and 24 volt power plug in the back of the pole with functional waterproof connectors

What’s a Hot tub Without a Cosmos?

The Cosmos TV allows you to enjoy a dip in your hot tub while

still watching all your favorite shows. For easy installations, we offer a Sleek Stainless Steel bracket designed specifically for hot tubs. Now you can unwind with your Cosmos outdoor spa and let the stress of the day melt away.

The Cosmos TV comes equipped with internal speakers, a floating waterproof remote control and most importantly, a low voltage (24v) power supply for safety.

If you install an Apple TV or FireTV in the integrated set-top box compartment, you can easily stream your favorite movies using your WI-FI network and enjoy your well-deserved “Hot Tub Time” in a relaxing, enjoyable way.

Protect Your Cosmos with Cosmos Cover

• The Cosmos cover is made of a double layer of neoprene and weatherproof fabric.

• The neoprene insulates the TV which significantly reduces temperature fluctuations during the day.

• For example, if the sun shines on the TV, temperatures inside can go up quickly. These temperature fluctuations will be reduced by the Cosmos neoprene covers. It will also reduce the power consumption of the built-in heater in the winter.

• This is a high-quality cover and is readily available in different colors and patterns.

Currently available in: White, Beige, Marine Blue, Green, Black, Camouflage, Green/White Striped, Yellow/White Striped, Blue/White Striped, Green/Gold/Burgundy Striped.

Cosmos SoundWave Concert
Engineered to Bring Real Life Outdoor Audio TV Experience

Engineered to leave an indelible impression on you from every

angle in your backyard, Cosmos SoundWave Concert offers enhanced audio realism outside the steps of your home—from movies to videogame entertainment and live streaming from the Internet.

More Details

With this outdoor audio system, the separate amplified 60 Watt sub-woofer will make you experience outdoor television like you never had before. With the touch screen control panel, you can control the audio settings with a simple touch. You can also change the volume, the inputs or the sound according to your taste, it’s that easy.

You can also connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth function and play your favorite music. Although this control unit is weather resistant, it is recommended to be kept out of the rain and direct sunlight.

For a greater audio experience, the subwoofer is one of the top must-try list of the audio system. It’s amazing to hear the difference in sound quality when the subwoofer is ON. The Cosmos SoundWave Concert is compatible with other audio systems.

Superior, State-of-the-Art Cosmos SoundWave Theater

Superior, State-of-the Art Cosmos Soundwave Theater makes

a stunning centerpiece for your backyard.

From one glance, it is the main outdoor feature because of its eye-catching design. Using advanced speaker technology and amplified sub-woofer, Cosmos 5 will rattle your backyard in delivering a realistic outdoor theater and an almost-real life experience that you will never forget.

Made of durable and easy to maintain stainless steel, Cosmos Soundwave Theater is designed to be used outdoors and is maintenance free.

The Cosmos SoundWave Theater is compatible with other sound systems and requires an external amplifier not included in this set.

Recommended Amplifier: Amplifier with connection for 2 rear speakers, 2 front speakers, one center speaker and one sub woofer

Best Buy Accessories for Cosmos

Cosmos 4 in 1 Remote Control. It’s waterproof and it floats in water

Cosmos comes with a waterproof, floatable remote control. You can control also other devices with one and the same Cosmos remote control. Forget about multiple remote controllers around the TV; you’ll only need the Cosmos remote.

More Details

Note though that products like Apple TV, Fire TV need their own remote for the voice command feature. Holder with suction cups is included for you to store the remote wherever you like without having to glue or drill holes.

Quality connections and cables.

Cosmos offers a wide range of accessories: Waterproof HDMI and Optical Audio connectors, Outdoor power cables. For best results with Outdoor TV, it is important that you use high quality cables and connectors.

Waterproof Pole Connectors

Mount poles can be equipped with waterproof connectors for HDMI, Power and Optical Audio at your option. With this option, we will pre-install the cables through the poles to the TV unit. (we offer a 10′ HDMI cable with waterproof connectors optionally)

Cosmos Specifications

Diagonal Screen Size 32” 40” 50” 58” 75” 85”
Screen Resolution 2160×3840                                                            (4K Ultra High Definition)
TV Brightness 700 nit. In combination with the special -strengthened- non-reflective glass and 4K resolution, beautiful picture quality for commercial and residential use
Material TV Housing Stainless Steel S304. Black version: powder coated Stainless Steel S304. Back side powder coated Aluminum.
Front material Heat strengthened, non-glare security glass
Cooling Technology Duo Fan Active Cooling System(Turns on automatically if the temperature passes 85 degrees Fahrenheit (if connected to power)) Triple Fan Cooling System
IP Rating IPX4
Heating Technology 10 Watt low voltage heating system. (Turns on if the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (if connected to power))
Power 24 volt DC, 14 amp. World universal power supply 100-240V included.  Brand: MeanWell.   UL listed.  CE Approved
Internal speakers 2 x 10 Watt internal speakers
Inputs 2 x HMDI   (CEC, ARC and EDID), power
Outputs Audio amplified, Audio non-amplified
Integrated set top compartment Yes, size 6” x 8” x 1.3”(compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and many other set top boxes. Some set top boxes need 100-240V power. You need to power this directly, and an IR repeater may be necessary)
Net Weight 60LBS/30KG 80LBS/40KG 95LBS/45KG 110LBS/55KG 130LBS/65KG 145LBS/83KG
Overall dimensions 29.5”x17.7”x2.2” 750x450x55mm 35.8”x21”x2.2” 910x535x55mm 45.3”x26.3”x2.2” 1150x670x55mm 52”x30.7”x2.2” 1320x780x55mm 66.1”x37.8”x2.3” 1680x961x55mm 75.0”x42.9”x2.65” 1905x1091x65mm
VESA bracket 300×300 400×400
Standard included 1 x TV unit, 1x rain/sun cap, 2 x audio streamers, 1 x power supply, 1 x 20’ power cable, 1 x remote control with holder, maintenance kit.
Cover (optional) Duo layer, waterproof nylon and 3mm neoprene
Waterproof plugs (optional) IPX 6. Available for HDMI, USB, Power, Optical Audio, Analog Audio
Power Cable Outdoor quality, insulated 2 x 2.0mm. Extendable up to 30’
Audio Cable Outdoor quality, insulated 2 x 1.5mm. Extendable up to 60’

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