Stainless steel Style…

• Stainless Steel give a high quality and beautiful appearance on your DecoVue.

• The frames are made of real, S304 stainless steel and is strong and durable.

• DecoVue stainless steel frames are available in a brushed and a mirror-polished finish.

Designer Select Style…

• Get Creative, with the fun, edgy and stylish look of our Designer Frames!

• Whether it is more of an antique or modern finish, our unique Designer moldings provide a wide range of options to choose from.

Gallery Style…

• The modern and magnetic look of our gallery style frames offers a tantalizing array of choices for your home décor.

• Frames ranging from 2” – 8” in width with varying degrees of depth provide a sleek way to keep the bulky look of your TV hidden from view.

• Exquisitely fine crafted Teak, Mahogany, and Rose wood in both matte and gloss finishes provides an unmatched sophistication for your viewing pleasure.

• Leave a lasting impression for you and your guests with the splendid assortment of gallery frames. Choose your style today!

Renaissance Style…

• Have your home reflect the splendor of Artistic expression with our Renaissance inspired frames.

• Classic styles and moldings that fit your LED HD TV perfectly, showing off your space with the magnificence it deserves.

• Frames come in elegant finishes and solid carved wood and perfectly compliment any decoration style.

• The DecoVue Renaissance collection is eclectic, elegant and ideal for your home, restaurant, retail or office space looking to display your unique style.

Vauci Style…

• Introducing the captivating combination of Vauci leather from Milan and our Exclusive DecoVue Mirror TV line; a match of unprecedented beauty.

• Premier materials sourced from the highest quality cow leather and suede available.

• Authentic Italian style frames, hand stitched to perfection.

• Superior Poplar wood carefully selected for long lasting durability and craftsmanship.

• Deep frames cleverly designed to leave no hint of a gap between frame and wall.

• With real croc, ostrich and snake design styles, we invite you to envision the limitless possibilities available to you.

• Bask in the timeless elegance of your space without sacrificing modern day convenience.

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