What is Decovue?

Decovue is a new way to get solid impressions through picture-perfect visuals.

It gives you the air of class and finesse with your TV viewing experience.

You can make a strong statement as it can be packaged in the frame of your choice. Decovue turns into a mirror when the TV is turned off. This means that you can have exciting conversations with those in your world as this feature keeps everyone in awe. This is beyond TV; we call it Decovue!

You can choose from the range of 40’’, 50’’, 60’’ and 75’’.

Prices start at $1,399.

Now with the latest Android TV 6.0 installed.

When turned off, Decovue quickly blends in

Once it is turned off, it quickly blends into your environment with precision.

The sublime mirror design used in its front panel makes it quite classy.

Decovue shows crisp, clear pictures when it is turned on, but it upgrades into a mirror in a seamless fashion once it is put off. It is time to bid goodbye to the conventional TV in your space that does not evoke excellence.

Unique frame designs

Decovue has a wide range of dynamic frames that flow from

modern to classic impressions

The spread of iconic designer frames to superb wooden frames makes this easy to align to your needs.

Decovue is a customized way to enjoy your viewing experience.

Decovue has connected Vauci from Milan, Italy

We have aligned forces with Vauci (www.vauci.it) for top line handmade leather frames.

This means that you can revel in the experience of the Italian touch that makes this a masterpiece. You will adore the best of two worlds as creativity is steeped in a well worked presentation.

Decovue with Stainless Steel

Never settle for any run-of-the-mill TV design as Decovue can help you step up the game.

Decovue comes with beautiful stainless steel frames that put a glossy feel and touch to your TV. It is available in 2’’, 3’’ and 4’’ wide frames and 2’’ breadth that allows the frame to close nicely against the wall.

This is ideal for your room, living space and other areas in your world that you need to embellish. It comes in a brushed finish design and a polished touch that entrenches your style.

Decovue Renaissance

Have your home reflect the splendor of Artistic expression with our Renaissance inspired frames.

Classic styles and moldings that fit your 4K TV perfectly, showing off your space with the magnificence it deserves.

Frames come in elegant finishes and carved wood and perfectly compliment any decoration style.

The DecoVue Renaissance collection is eclectic, elegant and ideal for your home, restaurant, retail or office space looking to display your unique style.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time for all Decovue Renaissance products.

Decovue Frameless

This is simply the peak of technology and beauty all rolled in one.

It is a powerful twist to the Decovue experience. The front part of the product is made from glass which gives the Decovue a very cool look. The beauty that Decovue gives in this range is simply world class

Decovue Mounting Options:

Decovue is compatible with VESA and fits perfectly into all standard VESA brackets.

You can see another side of dynamism with the Decovue wall mounts which are firmly fitted to the back of the product. It enables you to mount Decovue directly against the wall, without the use of a bracket. With this trendy innovation, the TV has a very small opening between the wall and the TV unit. This is miles apart from what you get when you use a conventional TV.

Decovue is also available with a stainelss steel deskstand f or the 40″, 50″, 60″ models. Please contact us for more information

Decovue is very smart!

Another way to spell “smart” is “Decovue”! It is not just smart but extremely smart and Ultra cool.

It has the latest Android 6.0 installed in it, and this gives any user the access to work with WI-FI network. You can see your favorite programs or stream the content of your smart phone or tablet. This is beyond TV but a brand new way to view your world.

Can you feel the positive vibes? Decovue doubles as an Android TV that allows you watch live sports and widescreen blockbuster movies. You can bring your friends and loved ones into the loop by enjoying multiplayer games and streaming apps.

Decovue is 4K of course……

You can feel the pulse, the energy and the beauty of each image with 4K Ultra HD picture quality on Decovue.

When you want to capture the essence of your most loved programs, you can step up the league with this dynamic product.

The powerful resolution of the 4K Ultra HD picture quality is 4 times greater than what a full HD offers. It is aperiod to take your TV viewing to a new height as you can see images as though you are looking out of your window!

It is so alive that it connects you in a very deep dimension to each image on the screen.

Why Choose Decovue?

Made by Evervue.

Founded in 2001, Evervue is a leading global manufacturer in the Mirror TVs, Outdoor TV’s,

The rich array of frames that come with Decovue is simply unparalleled

You can mount Decovue on a wall without the complexities of using a bracket. Also, it laps

The Mirror effect, glass and crisp, clear pictures from the TV aresimply iconic.

The Android Smart TV is the peak of technological excellence

Decovue 40 Decovue 50 Decovue 60 Decovue 75
Diagonal Screen size 40 inch 50 inch 60 inch 75 inch
Prices starting at $1,399 $1,899 $2,499 $3,499
Screen resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K Ultra High Definition)
TV Housing material Powder coated aluminum
Front Material Transparent Mirror Glass. Heat strengthened.
Cooling technology Active Cooling system
Power requirement 24 volt DC. Worldwide power supply included
Internal speakers 2 x 10 Watt integrated on the back
Inputs HDMI, USB, Power, IR
Outputs IR, Audio (RS-232 Optional)
VESA Compatibility 300×300 400×400 400×400 600×500
Net weight (depending on frame) 32LBS 48LBS 73LBS 110LBS
What’s in the box Decovue TV unit with the frame pre-assembled, world-universal power supply,
Remote control, remote control (for Android TV)

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