Heighten Your Guest Experience with Mirrorvue

Mirrorvue is compatible with LG and Samsung Hospitality TVs

LG and Samsung hospitality TVs in combination with Mirrorvues’ High Grade Mirror Glass Brilliance. This dynamic union opens a whole new world of automation and style. Design a hotel room with the latest in technology while still maintaining a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. This allows you to showcase only the best to every guest.

Smooth Installation

Our unrivaled mirror glass construction comes with a custom fitted bracket on the back of the mirror that will allow you to install the TV in minutes. This allows easy access to the panel if ever needed while ensuring your hospitality TV is fitted securely to the mirror glass for easy installation.

More Details…

Mirrorvue with OLED

For absolutely stunning results, you can choose the new OLED TV in combination with our MirrorVue mirror glass. This is guaranteed to wow each guest with its vibrant TV picture and custom design. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect guests to what they want the most; unprecedented entertainment.

Unique Mirror TV Glass

With years of experience, MirrorVue has developed a unique Mirror glass that offers silver reflection for a bathroom vanity with a completely vanishing TV. This allows you to have glass suited for all grooming purposes while still leaving room for a beautiful and bright vanishing TV image. While other Mirror TV glass often appears too dark, the TV does not vanish, or the picture quality is not bright enough, this is never the case with MirrorVue. We offer the perfect combination without compromise.
Guest Room – Lobby – Business Center – Fitness Center – Bar Area – Swimming Pool Area

High Tech Bathroom Vanity Mirror

With MirrorVue you can design a vanity mirror without limitations.

Our MirrorVue TV is made in any size and shape you want, combined with integrated LED lights and a TV that can be placed almost anywhere within the mirror glass. MirrorVue offers a great solution for the bathroom vanity mirror in your hotel.

The TV becomes a mirror, or did the mirror become a TV?

Save space, reduce maintenance and cleaning time.

Imagine how your hotel room will look when you can simply hide the TV in a mirror when not in use so space can be used as a full size dressing mirror if desired. This beautiful design will maximize space and create an amazing TV sensation for your guests.

The New Makeup/Dressing Mirror for Your Valuable Guests

Equipped with a vanishing monitor, optionally with touch

screen, the dressing mirror will provide guests with the latest news, weather and TV shows. With Smart Touch, all apps can be controlled with the touch of a hand. This leaves guests feeling like they have the world at their fingertips.

Concealed Automation
With Evervue mirror TV technology and automation control, you can do so much more. Think about the room’s commands (lighting, temperature, etc.) safeguarded behind a mirror near the door. A clever concealment tool that allows for revealing as needed.

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Leading Hotels Choose Mirrorvue

With more installations in hotels than any other Mirror TV brand, Evervue -founded in 2001- offers you the mirror TV solution you need. With fully owned subsidiaries in over 10 countries, from the US to the UK, from Germany to Australia, we are always close by.

Whether it’s a brand new 800 room luxury hotel or a renovation of a boutique hotel; get to know us and learn how we can find the right solution for you.

We offer a wide range of TV/Display Solutions
Be sure to check out our other product lines such as the Ocea Bathroom TV, Cosmos Outdoor TV (for pool areas and terraces), DecoVue Framed TV and of course Decora, the Smart TV Display.

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