Wake Up Happy Your Extravagant Bathroom Has it All

YOUR state-of-the-art MirrorVue makes you King and Queen of your own bathroom.

Your singing prowess starts at your luxury bathroom because your TV is especially installed behind the mirror.

With MirrorVue, you surely look forward to waking up always HAPPY and CONTENT.

Each Mirrovue is made to size and comes complete with mirror, TV and mounting. Contact us for more information and direct ordering. We ship worldwide.



Evanescence in your Living Room

A TV That’s Only There When You Want It. That’s right.

Rule as King and Queen of your own home and dismiss the TV as if by magic.

Create a majestic setting guaranteed to delight your cherished guests on every occasion. With our wide array of mirror glass shades to match every space, you have the power to design your living space with unparallelled elegance and class.

Much Ado about Dashing Kitchen

Now your dream kitchen is staring back at you.

MirrorVue offers you the best, timeless solutions for a vanishing TV when completely turned off.

The best solution is like a dream come true because your TV perfectly blends starting the backsplash above the countertop. With your elegant selection of worktops, shutter finishes, cabinet, appliances, sinks and accessories, MirrorVue offers different methods to mount the mirror so that the mirror will be installed seamlessly with the rest of the cabinets.

With easy to clean mirrors, you are bound for endless possibilities on how else you want to re-invent your kitchen.

MirrorVue gives you the freedom to customize your kitchen the exact way you want it.

The Making of a Perfect Office

First impressions are the most lasting.

Since you have the ability to design your office, MirrorVue will help you create that long-lasting office experience with your clients, employees and visitors. It’s time for you to take full ownership of your workspace.

MirrorVue complements your high-ceiling office, installed with a lighting system that allows you to alter the hue and brightness of your office room, the colors and the stylish furniture that you personally chose to match your impeccable space.

Remember that the mind responds to the signals in our surroundings. When we are most comfortable while doing our work, our cognitive resources will be high as well. MirrorVue certainly brings the best in your employees and in you.

You will be able to effectively communicate your corporate message without saying a word.

High-end Hotels Trust MirrorVue

Our Mirror TV’s are installed in more hotels than any other mirror TV brand.

Contact us and learn why. Compatible with Guest-Tek, Pro Idiom as well as LG/Samsung hospitality TV’s.

Luxury hotels like the Marriott International in Orlando, Florida, Hotel Rickmers in Helgoland, Germany; the Hyatt Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver and many other high-end hotel chains choose MirrorVue.

With MirrorVue, you are free to explore where you want to install your mirrors, be it in the bathroom, guestroom, or even in the grand lobby of your hotel. In almost every size and shape, your Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors are maximized for picture quality and unique theatre experience.

More Details…

You can combine the TV, a large dressing mirror and contemporary style in an exquisite style. With a distance of only 1.3″ /33mm between the wall and the mirror, it makes more available space compared to traditional TV units.

Now you are ready for another cutting edge optimum television performance with advanced mirror technology.

Mirror, Mirror in the Gym

Make mirrors reflect only the positive things going on in the gym.

MirrorVue offers you that welcoming atmosphere each time you hit the gym.

Mirrors allow die-hard gym enthusiasts to monitor their form and physique, and make beginners become more self-conscious and ultimately encourage them to train better and harder.

With MirrorVue, you can easily communicate with your clients while they are doing their work out or you can motivate them by showing relevant content guide in your Vanishing mirror TV.

MirrorVue can also be heat strengthened which increases its safety and the durability.

Build your Premier Salon or Spa

Mirrors complement the design and style of every salon or spa.

Once you’ve decided to build your Midas Touch’ salon or spa business, MirrorVue proudly presents its pristine, blemish-free mirror TV that genuinely fits your vogue design.

Add a stroke of sophistication to your salon or spa using your signature logo to match any decor by customizing them with Silver or Tinted mirror glass and having them framed or frameless, and choosing the right shape and size.

More Details…

We guarantee you that our mirror TVs look as beautifully elegant even when turned off. What’s equally impressive is they’re maintenance-free and easy to install as interest
ing, appealing picture frame.

We also highly recommend that you use wide mirrors to give an illusion of more space. A salon or spa’s interior highly speaks on what kind of customer service, experience and satisfaction a customer can expect.

With MirrorVue, you are certain that the customer gets the premium, unrivaled experience. MirrorVue can help you customize mirror TVs according to your needs and preferences whether you’re decorating or re-decorating your salon or spa business.

For Long-Lasting Impressions

Mirrorvue Creates that Long-Lasting Impression with Distinct Ambience in your Restaurant,

Bar or Nightclub

Fine dining lovers will always choose a classy, most comfortable restaurant that they can associate themselves. Bar or nightclubs also need to create a cordial, signature theme to suit the desired atmosphere of its customers.

At the end of each meal course, your customer will truly appreciate how you magnificently put all things together for them to have a one-of-a-kind, truly unforgettable restaurant experience.

More Details…

There is a need for your restaurant, bar or nightclub to link that unique yet subtle connection with your valued customers.

MirrorVue allows you to make that powerful, innovative and much personalized connection to your clients as you show your clear corporate message through your mirror TVs to your customers while they enjoy the best dining experience, or while they enjoy a sip of their favourite classic mojitos in your bar or nightclub.

MirrorVue is the world’s leading brand for mirror TVs in the restaurant, and food and beverage industry offering innovative designs with guaranteed reliability, utmost performance and exquisite style.

Sell your Elevator Pitch Right Inside the Elevator

Captivate attention without distraction. With Mirrorvue,

you have the power the get your message across in the most enticing way possible.

Use Elevator Time to get viewers focused on what is important. Potential clients and potential customers will be delighted with all they see when it’s delivered in the form of a Mirrorvue Mirror TV.

The New Way Of Advertising

MirrorVue Brings You the Most Advanced Digital Shopping

Experience Take your pick: From small mirror information panels, to ceiling high miror wall. Whatever you choose, MirrorVue can take you to your dream destination and purchase the product that you want. Cosmopolitan stores love Advertising Mirror as this has proven to deliver fast, pecuniary, convincing productive results. MirrorVue Advertising Mirror Offers You: Stunning product visibility in HD (4K Ultra HD Picture Quality). Dynamic, vibrant content through HDMI or USB input. You can simply plug in a memory stick and it is ready to go. It also supports all common formats. • Define your own brand by its design, captivating the incomparable attention it deserves with this cutting-edge marketing tool.

More Details….

It is highly recommended that you make the ceiling high! Each advertising mirror is fully customizable up to 130”x 95”/330 x 244cm. Entire contemporary design and mirror TV technology.
• Ingenious, state-of-the-art engineering. Only 1.4˝/ 35mm deep, including the TV unit. This slim fitting arrangement makes this possibly the best investment per square foot of any establishment. Advanced automation allows the outline of the TV box to completely disappear. Enjoy visual surprise by watching your image floating in the mirror.

What makes Mirrorvue Unique?

MirrorVue Stands Out as the Premier Mirror TV Technology

From years of innovative experience and cutting edge research, MirrorVue specializes in the advanced mirror technology.

Now installed in over 1,000 locations worldwide from high-end residential and five-star hotel chains to luxury stores. MirrorVue continuously offers an extraordinary mix of exceptional quality, priceless creativity and superior customer service.

Each MirrorVue has

• Extra thin 1.3″ TV housing, even for large 85″ TV

• Available in sizes up to 130″ x 96″ (330x244cm)

• Low voltage 12 or 24 volt

• 4K resolution on 32″ and higher

• Extra brightness LED panels for optimal performance

Mirror glass options

Mirrorvue mirror glass is unque and exclusively designed for

our products. Evervue was founded in 2001 and has spent more than 15 years developing mirror glass that offers the best performance in TV visibility and the TV can still completely vanish when turned off.
Silver MIrror Bathroom Vanity Mirrors look remarkable with our Silver mirror glass. With the Silver glass shade, the TV completely vanishes when turned off. Although it is slightly darker then a regular mirror, it is perfect for shaving or make up applications. We recommend soft ambiance lighting for a truly polished effect which is why we offer integrated light bars in warm of cool tone. You can design your vanity mirror with framing, or keep classic with our perfectly polished edges. See our full accessories page for more details.

More Details…

Tinted MirrorArtDeco-Inspired Tinted Mirror Mirrors are an interior designers’ secret weapon. The Tinted glass shade inspired the best in the brightest of spaces, reducing TV reflectivity when turned on. It creates a smooth and contemporarely finish to any space without sacrificing TV functionality. Suggested for larger TV sizes and naturally lit rooms where brightness may be a consideration. Although the TV does not completely vanish and will still be slightly visible whenturned off, Tinted glass is the perfect match for illuminated living rooms, offices, elevators and dining spaces.Advertising MIrrorProduct Branding perfectly partners with our Advertising Mirror TV. Simply load your content onto a USB memory stick and allow your merchandise te receive the attention it deserves. Ust this ingenious tool to deliver an alluring business message of your choice montly or daily. If your wall could talk, what would you want them to say? Especially made with Advertising in mind, this mirror allows the larger TV to shine brightly without sacrificing the vanishing effect when turned off. A top-notch choice in your next commercial application. Black Mirror Ceate a deep sophisticated effect with our beautiful black onyx mirror glass. Great for living room applications, stores, offices and spas. With this shade the TV area will be visible 25% when turned off and will appear as a subtle dark grey area. When the TV is turned on, color clarity is vibrant and dymanic even in bright spaces.

Infinite TV Size Options

No company highly values your project than MirrorVue.

No project is too small or too big for us. You are definitely have the freedom to re-create the design that you want as our TV sizes start from 12.1” all the way up to gigantic 85”.

With more TV sizes to choose from, MirrorVue offers you almost boundless state-of-the art design options. We can arrange the TV unit where ever you like to place it in the mirror. You can also choose to position the TV units vertically or install multiple TV’s in one mirror and add small mirrors to suit your vogue taste.

More Details…

4K Ultra HD Resolution. You don’t need to settle for less.

Cinematic 4 K Ultra HD Resolutions Come closer and be mesmerized. As you sit closer to the screen, you will be immersed with vivid details, intense depth and stunning color resolution to the images, making them look incredibly alive—more peering through a window than actually watching in a mirror TV.

Wall Mount Options

Standard Wall Mount.

Each MirrorVue comes with Standard Wall Mount rails on the back of the mirror that allows you to lock tightly with the mounting strip that you attach to your wall. Depending on the size of your MirrorVue, there will be 2 or 4 mounting strips to secure your mirror.

Magnet Wall Mount

If there is no room above the mirror to lift the mirror 1″ (2,5 cm) that is needed for the standard wall mount, the magnet mount is good solution and allows you to install the mirror under a cabinet without a space between the mirror and cabinet.

Recessed Wall Mount

The Recessed Wall Mount is the preferred method when you would like to have the TV Unit portion of the MirrorVue recessed into the wall or another flat surface. With this installation, a very strong large area of Velcro is attached to the back of the MirrorVue allowing the mirror glass to lay on the wall surface. The TV Unit attached to the back of the MirrorVue will then slide into the nook prepared by the installer during installation.

Standard Wall Mount

Magnet Wall Mount

Reccessed Wall Mount

Integrated Light For Your Bathroom Mirror TV

Available in 4 different lay outs, in cool or warm color,

in 1″ or 2″ wide light strips, this is ideal lighting for every mirror, also for Mirrorvue. Using a patented (pending) lighting technology (under license) the light from the strips is very bright and will remove unwanted shadows when you look in the mirror.

Frame Options

Frameless or not, MirrorVue is just gorgeously perfect.

We offer more than 80 styles of sophisticated designer frames that we can use to frame your Mirror TV.


Stainless Steel Frames

We offer a wide variety of stainless steel frames from a small 1/3″ trim to impressive 3″ frames. These stainless steel frames come in polished or brushed version.


Vauci Leather Frames


We teamed up with Vauci and we are now able to make your Mirrorvue with beautiful leather frames. Leather frames are strong and very durable and much stronger than painted wooden or plastic frames. We highly recommend that you visit www.vauci.it for your elegant, timeless leather frames.

More Details…


Designer Frame


You can choose from our vast assortment of frames. If you don’t find the frame you like, please send us photos and we will certainly make them available for you.


Gallery Frames


MirrorVue also offers you the highest quality solid wooden frames, dominantly used in galleries.

Mirrorvue is Smart, Very Smart

Turn your Mirrorvue into a Smart Mirrorvue.

Optionally Installed with it is the Android 6, it allows you to easily connect your Mirrorvue to your WI-FI network to see all your favorite programs or simply livestream the content of your smart phone or tablet. Enjoy!

Mirrorvue comes complete, ready to install

When your MirrorVue arrives, you can easily install and enjoy it immediately.

Everything else that you need is included.

Mirrorvue TV Specifications

Screen Size 15.6” 22” 28” 32” 40” 50” 60” 75” 84” 98”
TV Display LED Back Light
Resolution 720P 1080P 4K, 3820 x 2160
Aspect Ration 16:9
IPX Rating IPX 5 IPX 4
Material TV housing Powder Coating Aluminum
Thickness TV housing 1.3” / 33mm 1 x 50mm
Inputs 3 x HDMI 2 x HMDI (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, power, RS-232 (Optional)
Voltage Input 12 VDC 24 VDC 100-240 VAC
Outputs Audio Amplified, Audio Non-Amplified
Built in Audio Amplifier 2 x 10 Watt 2 x 15 Watt
Visible TV Screen size(Inches) 13.5” x 7.6” 16.1” x 9.1” 18” x 10” 24.5” x 13.5” 27.5” x 15.7” 33.8” x 18.8” 43.3” x 24.4” 50” x 28.7” 66” x 28.7” 73.6” x 42”
Visible TV Screen size(mm) 345mm x 195mm 410mm x 230mm 475mm x 270mm 625mm x 345mm 700mm x 400mm 860mm x 485mm 1100mm x 620mm 1270mm x 730mm 1676mm x 952mm 1870mm x 1070mm
Minimum Mirror Size (Inches) 19” x 24” 24” x 26” 27” x 32” 35” x 39” 44” x 43” 48” x 45” 58” x 49” 71” x 59” 79” x 66” 86” x 78”
Minimum Mirror Size(mm) 456mm x 610mm 610mm x 660mm 690mm x 820mm 880mm x 990mm 1120mm x 1090mm 1220mm x 1150mm 1470mm x 1244mm 1800mm x 1496mm 2006mm x 1670mm 2185mm x 1980mm