OCEA, The All-Round Bathroom TV.

Sublime and Classy

You can step up the plate with an exquisite bath time experience once the Ocea Bathroom TV is installed.

Shower with Elegance

Connect with your choice programs while enjoying the warmth and freshness of a shower. It takes things to

Raise the Notch in the Sauna

The ambience and dexterity that comes with a sauna make the Ocea Bathroom TV the ideal gadget that can be

Beautiful Bathroom Integration

This TV is able to create the right effects in your Bathroom when it is turned off because of the mirror

Ingenious design capped with years of experience

With an Ocea, you don’t just buy a bathroom TV, you buy a sophisticated product, designed and engineered

(The Ocea product is protected by various patents (pending), used under license)

World’s First Touch Screen Bathroom TV

Ocea Smart Touch,Screen Control with Ease

All Ocea Bathroom TV’s are now equipped with a full screen touch command, so the remote control is only used if
preferred. In combination with the latest Smart TV technology, you can easily browse through all the available
options, choose your favorite programs, change the volume and turn the TV on and off with a simple touch of the
TV screen. This is the latest in TV technology offered for waterproof bathroom TVs.

Control your TV up to 50% faster

With the full screen touch feature, you no longer need to search for the missing remote control and you can
control your TV up to 50% faster than with a standard remote control. Of course, the full screen touch is great
the TV is being used in the shower area for easy accessibility and added safety. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase the latest spa technology and gain full control of your TV viewing experience. Waterproof & Maintenance Free
Best of all, the Touch Screen Technology used in theOcea Bathroom TV is completely maintenance free and waterproof. The invisible sensors are integrated inside the glass and therefore will not be exposed to any of the elements. With this hassle-freesmart touch feature, you can enjoy all your favorite shows without worrying that a wet environment may damage your tv in the future. This upgrade allows you to enjoy your bathroom TV with peace of mind for years to come.

It’s Waterproof

With its IPX6 waterproof built housing, the Ocea is a complete

TV and Audio that lights up your bath tub, shower and anywhere that it is installed. It is clinical and unique with a grand presence that is full of excellence.

It’s Rugged and Easy to Maintain

The components that make up this dynamic TV simply puts you in a brand new world. It goes against the norm as the front is made of high quality mirror glass. It is very strong; guaranteed not to corrode and easy to clean with regular cleaning agents. The TV housing is made of powder coated aluminum that will never rust.

More Details

Power Mode

The Ocea is safely powered by 12 or 24 volts (depending on the TV size). It is solid and safe!

Easy installation

Ocea is designed to choose from many different installation options. It can be a breeze for you to set it up because the step by step process is simply bespoke. It can be recessed or surface mounted, or on a swivel bracket to the wall of the bathroom. No matter the size of your bathroom, it gives a beautiful add-on to enjoy for many years to come.

With a Superior Sound System

You can install the Ocean with the speaker bar or the external speakers and experience a great sound effect. With the 4 speakers in the speaker bar and the external speakers, the audio experience is simply sublime as great audio will improve your bathroom TV experience.

Easy to control

Easy accessible touch buttons make you enjoy your Ocea with ease. You can turn the TV on and off, increase and decrease the volume without using he remote control.

Best-In-Class, Brilliant 4K picture quality

Ocea gives unparalleled picture quality that puts it in a league of its own. Every range of Ocea TV from 27’’ and above comes with a standard 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. 4K has 4 times the resultion of a Full HD. This means you enjoy the pictures in its clearest form.
(Ocea 180 and Ocea 220 are both Full HD)

Unique TV Experience with Enhanced Brightness

The enhanced brightness panel simply mean that that the TV is brighter and better visible. This beats what you find on regular bathroom TV with standard screen brightnesses between 280 and 330 nit.

More Details

This makes Ocea TV is ideal for your bathroom also the TV is located next to a window that emits a great amount of natural light.

Convenient Set Top Box Compartment

With its integrated compartment, you can easily install your favorite TV systems such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. You can install the Set Top box inside the TV case and use the IR receiver of the Ocea to control your set top box. And if you want to upgrade your Ocea after a few years, simply exchange the TV box. Of course, the Ocea comes with 2 or 3 HDMI inputs with the convenient CEC function.

Ocea is Smart, Very Smart

Another way to spell “smart” is Ocea! It has the latest Android (subject to updates) installed in it, with Wi-Fi access and much more. To learn more about Android, please visit www.android.com/tv
You can see your favorite programs or stream the content of your smart phone or tablet on Ocea. This is beyond TV but a brand new way to view your world.

Fog Free Viewing

Ocea has a fog free design that gives a crisp clear impression whenever the TV is turned on. The unique active airflow system inside the TV helps to circulate air, making the product fog free quickly and evenly.

Very easy to set up with powerful Wi-Fi
With the pre-installed WIFI, you simply need to connect to power and your Ocea TV is good to go. You enjoy great Wi-Fi network in one swift move. This is simply full of class and elegance!

Ingenious Air-Flow Cooling System

Ocea has been able to withstand the challenges that are commonplace in a bathroom.

Our TV is born out of our rich experience in design and manufacturing which has made us a leading name in our range. We have installed our TVs in many hotels, resorts and apartments around the world.

More Details

Ocea comes with an ingenious -Patent Pending- cooling system that will significantly reduce the excess heat inside the closed, waterproof TV case. Every Ocea is equipped with a heat sink on the back, that will effectively emit excess heat from inside the TV. In addition, the fan circulates air inside the TV unit so that heat from the electronic components and the LED panel does not affect the TVs performance.

Did you know that the temperatures inside a closed bathroom TV without an active airflow cooling system can go up to 195°F / 90°C? Sometimes this can even be higher, especially with smaller sizes up to 27″ because of the smaller surface area that the TV can emit heat. This is why regular TV’s have ventilation openings in the TV. To keep the bathroom TV waterproof, the TV housing is completely closed. The Ocea Air-Flow cooling system will the reduce the inside temperature to 135°F / 55°C. This will significantly improve the bathroom TV’s performance and extend the lifespan and we believe this is essential feature in a bathroom TV.

Improved fog free screen
The active airflow system also means that you enjoy a fog free viewing experience quickly and even across the screen.

The All Round Zepp

1. Multi-functional remote to control your TV which comes with a built-in keyboard.
2. The suction cups and holder mean that you do not need to drill holes in the wall when you
3. The Ocea Zepp gives you swift access to the Smart TV functions.
4. It comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery
5. It has a waterproof skin cover that makes it ideal for your bathroom
(*The remote control comes with a limited warranty*)

You choose: Recessed or Surface mounted, Swivel bracket or an advanced Lift System

Will you like Ocea to be in a recessed position? Do you want only small openings on your wall?
With the option of the surface mounted bracket, you can install Ocea on any wall with ease. The brushed stainless steel frame will help to buoy the aesthetics in your space!
Besides the recessed mount technique, Ocea offers many ways to mount the TV:

More Details

On a swivel bracket.

This is one of the most popular ways to install Ocea. You can mount Ocea with the aluminum racket, and you can swivel and pan the TV into the right direction. This option is great if you want to use Ocea in your bath tub, but you can also implement it in your general bathroom space. We offer several types of bracket for the different TV sizes and different applications.

Hang on the wall

With the 4 openings on the back, you can simply hang Ocea as the 4 hooks can be drilled in the wall. The Ocea will be very close to the wall, leaving a very tiny space. This is something that you cannot find with the regular TV

Don’t want to drill a hole in the wall?

Ocea unique Drill-Free wall mount system
Ocea now offers a great way to install your bathroom TV without having to drill the wall. With the use of special hangers in combination with the 3M adhesive pads, you can now install the Ocea to the wall securely. Each hook is designed tol 45LBS/20KG and for the larger Oceas we have larger hooks that are designed to hold 65LBS/30KG each.

Automatic Lift System

The Ocea automatic lift system lets you automatically hide the TV when you don’t need it, and you can also make it appear by the simple touch of a button. Suitable for the Ocea 220 and Ocea 270.

Ocea has a Superior Sound System

A great bathroom TV comes with great sound.

Ocea is equipped with two combo speakers, which means that the speaker bar under the TV are actually 4 speakers that provide excellent sound quality. The TV menu allows you to customize the sound to your personal taste and preference. Depending on the application, you can choose to use the speaker bar, or the external speakers.

More Details

Separate Speaker Housing

Ocea comes with a standard speaker bar that is in a separate housing from the closed TV unit.
The reason for this separate speaker housing is that the speaker is not fully waterproof.
Also, having the speakers inside the TV unit is far from ideal. The continues vibrations of speakers inside a closed TV unit can affect the electronic components. By separating the speakers from the TV unit this will be prevented.
The bathroom TV enjoys a longer lifespan and is well protected due to this feature.

Ocea external Speakers

If you want to install the Ocea in your sauna or shower, we recommend the use of external speakers. This ensures that children do not spray water into the speaker openings.

Direct Bluetooth 4.1 Access.

When you want to hear your favorite music, Ocea is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.1 receiver so that you can connect your smartphone to the TV. You do not need to turn on the TV to connect and play your music through the speakers.

Ocea is Ready for your World

Wherever you live, whatever you want to watch or enjoy, Ocea is here for you.

You can use the cable to connect, or you can touch the world through the satellite system…the conventional aerial antenna can also work with Ocea. It is simply your best choice to a world of entertainment.
Ocea has an integrated set top box compartment where you can install the TV box and connect to the system you like to use. Will you like to change your TV system after a few years? Simply replace the TV box, and your Ocea will be up to date again. Considering the long expected lifespan of an Ocea bathroom TV, and the fast technological development , this is an essential feature. Different countries use different TV system. When you place an order for Ocea in your country, you can add the right TV box with your order and the Ocea will arrive all set for your use.

Choose your Size

Ocea is available in 8 sizes, ranging from 18” to 75″.

All models have the same features, easy installation system (resecced or surface) and all models
come with a matching sound bar, or with external speakers.

Ocea 18 Ocea 220 Ocea 280 Ocea 320 Ocea 400 Ocea 500 Ocea 600 Ocea 750
Diagonal Screen Size 18” 22” 28” 32” 40” 50” 60” 75”
Screen resolution 1080P, Full HD 1080P, Full HD 3840×2160. 4K Ultra HD (4 times the resolution of Full HD)
TV Panel Brightness 410nit 420nit 400nit 430nit 440nit 420nit 440nit 420nit
TV  Dimensions Inches 18×12.8×2.4 22.3×14.6×2.4 27.2×17.6×2.4 30.5×19.8×2.9 36.8×22.9×2.9 46.1×28.8×2.9 57.9×40.2×2.9 67.7×41.7×2.9
TV  Dimensions MM 456x326x60 566x371x60 690x447x60 775x503x75 935x582x75 1171x732x75 1470x1020x75 1729x1060x75
VESA 200×200 200×200 200×300 300×300 300×300 400×400 500×500 500×500
Panel technology LED Backlit
View Angle 4 sides view angle panels.   Hortizontal 135 degrees,  Vertical 120 degrees
Audio Amplifier 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 15 Watt
Speakers 4 x 12 Watt.
The speaker bar and the external speakers have the same specifications. Duo speakers technology.
The speaker bar has 2 x 2 speakers (total 4) and each external speaker has 2 speakers.
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1.
Each Ocea has direct Bluetooth 4.1 access.
TV casing Aluminum, powder coated
TV Front Scratchproof, Heat strengthened, 5mm mirrored glass.
Speaker Front Brushed Aluminum
Power requirement.
(World Universal power supply included)
12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 10 amp.. 24 Volt DC, 12 amp. 24 Volt DC, 14 amp.. 24 Volt DC, 16 amp.
Ventilation & Cooling Active  Airflow and cooling system with heat sink on the back. Thermostat controlled.
Inputs 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 2 x HMDI (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, power, USB
Outputs Amplified Audio, non-amplified audio, (RS-232 is optional, not included)
Touch Control 10-points touch screen control, seperate On/Off, Volume +, Volume – touch buttons
TV net weight 12.7LBS/5.8KG 18.6LBS/8.5KG 30.4LBS/13.9KG 37.4LBS/17.1KG 48.4LBS/22.1KG 82.7LBS/37.8KG 108.8LBS/49.5KG 134.1LBS/61.2KG
Android (included) Android, latest version. Subject to updates. 4K Resolution.
Set Top Box compartment: 11.8”x5.8”x1.2” / 350x150x30mm (compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and many other set top boxes.
Please check the sizes of your set top box first.
Standard included: Ocea TV, power supply, Zepp remote control with holder, instructions manual, latest Android installed.
(optionally with DVB-T2/S2/C, or ATSC, or DMB-T, or ISDB)